Day One Network is on a mission to establish a central social hub for Toronto’s rising creative class. Most of us get stuck in our small circles of people with the same skills, same interests, and same expertise. Too often we’re hindered from branching out and creating relationships that can elevate our personal and professional lives, if we would just get out of our comfort zone for a moment and put ourselves out there.


Today, we’re seeing a refocus in prioritization from technical skills, toward interpersonal skills, and relationships. We want to help people effectively generate and leverage their social capital. To have relationships, whether personal or professional, is ultimately to engage in trade. At the end of the day value exchange is built on trust and likeability.


The old-school style of networking at meet-and-greet events, walking away with a handful of business cards, and never actually following up just doesn’t work. At Day One we’re getting back to the basics of creating opportunities to communicate your unique value without the overly professional pretense.


We’ve started out on a long-term journey to re-calibrate the culture of our generation. Our guiding philosophy is that a rising tide lifts all boats. Always be giving value, always be looking for ways to contribute to the advancement of the people around you. Success isn’t a zero-sum game.